A Camera of Their Own is a project promoted by Isola Edipo, Rete Cinema in Laguna, and Ca’ Foscari, under the curation of Silvia Jop, Marco Dalla Gassa, Alessandro Del Re, and Giulia Briccardi, dedicated to the female perspective in contemporary international cinema.

Aimed at highlighting the skills and sensitivities of women in the field of cinema and audiovisual languages, it will consist of a series of events with filmmakers and artists who have demonstrated, through their works, the ability to view the world from original, radical, personal perspectives, linked (but not limited) to a gender perspective.


March 2024

Director and screenwriter, a visionary artist, both rigorous and radical. Her politically charged cinema weaves a thread between the female gaze and the eyes of childhood. Born in Pontoise, France, on November 12, 1978, after obtaining a degree in literature, she graduated in screenwriting from the Parisian film school La Fémis.


April 2024

Born in Berlin to a Russian mother, Margarethe began her career as an actress and screenwriter before becoming one of the most significant directors in European cinema. In Margarethe von Trotta’s films, the recurring theme is the search for female identity, alongside the contrast between public and private identities. She won the Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival in 1981 with ‘Years of Lead.’ Since 2017, she has been the president of the Bif&st-Bari International Film Festival.